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Investment Models

FINANCIAL Information

Funding Stage: Series A

Capital Raised To Date: $2.25M

Capital Seeking: $5M


AllerMED Pharmaceuticals is developing a better epinephrine device. The company has developed the first and only double dose compact epinephrine device (E-Duo and E-Duo Jr). Also, hospitals have reached out to AllerMed Pharmaceuticals to assist in providing a better epinephrine device for hospitals.  AllerMed responded by developing a multi-pack intended for hospital and large clinic use.


MARKET Challenge and Opportunity

32 Million Americans are at risk of death from a severe allergic reaction. Epinephrine is the only device that can stop a reaction. Most people do not have the device on them at the time of need. E-Duo will be the most compact and portable device available.



All epinephrine devices are sold in twin-paks as 2 doses is often needed to stop a reaction. E-Duo is the only device that has 2 doses in one device. Patent granted 2021.

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